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I am going to show in this section how a print is made. I will begin by demonstrating how a tiny quick sketch can change over a matter of days into a full blown print idea and then a finished linoprint. The linoprint I have chosen is now called " Mick the Multitasker", but was called various other things during its development.

The drawing on the left is the first incarnation of the subject of the print .I was doodling away in a café, drawing the 3 men on the bench ,when a man  went by on a bike . He was drinking a can of beer and smoking at the same time. I was intrigued, how can you do both at the same time? I turned to another page and did a quick thumb nail sketch of the cyclist. He was much more interesting than the group of men. On the page there are a lot of other words. This is  how I work. Whilst I am in the process of printing one print I will be simultaneously working on several other ideas in my sketchbook. The top half of the page is a list of colours that I am going to use in one of these prints, probably, because I am forever changing my mind.

Next to this list is circle of letters which form an anagram in a crossword I was also struggling with. Below that is  the list of print ideas that I hope to print in the future. Below that is the thumbnail cyclist sketch, and in  speech marks, "The Healthy Life", which was the original working title. And below that the date,14.9.15, my 59th birthday

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